A Case Study Regarding the Comparison of Collaborative Writing in Digital and Face-to-Face Environments


  • Osman ÖZDEMİR Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University




The purpose of the research designed as a case study is to compare collaborative writing activities produced on Padlet website on the internet and in a face-to-face (F2F) environment. The study for which criterion sampling was used included two different groups both of which were formed with four people. For the triangulation of the case study, texts produced F2F and online, video recordings of the F2F writing process and records of the group interviews done after the internet practice. Thusly, comparative evaluation regarding various components such as writing processes, writing achievement, group interaction, creativity, and opinions of participants was performed depending on different data types. In conclusion, online environment shone out with advantages such as time, flexibility, supporting creativity through and multimedia tools whereas F2F writing offered advantages in communication and simultaneous changes by group members. However, it was detected that online texts were more successful than F2F texts and students’ achievement perceptions were higher in their Padlet texts.