Impacts of Project Preparation Course for Students Studying at Postgraduate Education in Field of Educational Sciences: A National Project Example




project, project evaluation, project writing


This research was carried out within the scope of a Scientific Educational Activities Support Project supported by TUBITAK. TUBITAK 2237 - Scientific Education Activities Support Program provides important contributions to support the scientific activities of undergraduate students. In accordance with the scope of this project, participants who are studying at the graduate school are aiming to prepare their own projects and provide support for the projects that they will build in the future by creating project teams. Twenty-four students studying at different graduate programs participated in the research. The purpose of the program is to teach the participants to introduce the basic components of a project, to start a project, to plan, execute, monitor and control and terminate with different applications. Within the scope of the training, it was aimed to inform participants about project types, to introduce national and international projects, what should be considered in projects supported by TUBITAK, project writing process, project evaluation stages and basic knowledge and skills necessary for conducting a project. In addition, the project provide participants to recognize the teaching staff of 12 masters in the field (professors, associated professors and assistant professors)  and the opportunity to benefit from the maximum level of information provided by the instructors. By ensuring that the selected trainers are from different universities, participants were able to recognize different university disciplines and have knowledge about post graduate studies at these universities. With this program, accommodation, transportation, stationary expenses and subsistence of the participants were met from the project budget. The project was conducted at Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Agriculture front incubator center and Samsun Konaks Otel. The purpose of this study is to evaluate this project in the context of participants' opinions for six days training. Questionnaire was used as data collection tool in the interview. The data collected from the participants were analyzed with content analysis and the project was evaluated.

Author Biography

Süleyman YAMAN, Ondokuz Mayis University

Mathematics and Science Education Department, Science Education